August 2nd, 2009

close the door while I play with my theremin

Godzilla circuit bends. Way cool

Not really much to say in this installment. Haven't recorded much lately as life was getting in the way. This song I am posting was knocked ut pretty quickly and was basically an excuse to try out a fake theremin sound. I do have a real theremin, that my lovely wife gave me for xmas a few years ago, but it's almost impossible to play a melody on the thing.

ES2 is an amazing synth

The theremin sound was made in the ES2 synth that is part of Logic. Speaking of Logic, I am really excited about the new Logic 9. Some really cool features: convert to sample, some really neat audio flex features. It's all been said way better than I could explain it, but very excited. Now to just save up a couple hundred bucks (harder than you think with a kid).

This young man looks really comfortable with an infant

Anyways, not really sure what the song is about. I will probably try and do a re-mix of this, although I accidentally threw away the MIDI files for the drum track. Have been trying to learn how to think like a drummer, and am not always successful. I think I overdid it with the crash cymbals at the end of the song.

Before Logic there was the 4 track and some really weird shit

I should probably update this blog more often as the intent was to document my experience trying to learn how to make decent recordings in Logic. At this point I can't remember a whole lot about the process of this song. Played some stuff, made a few software instruments with samples, etc... Nothing enlightening or interesting in the slightest. I will leave you with some of my plastic block art that I do with my daughter. This is an owl. hope you like the song.

The Owl of Doom

Close The Door

Click that link above to hear the tune
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